The EDM Circuit of Culture


The Circuit of Culture

Below are the definitions of the different aspects of the “Circuit of Culture” taken from Stuart Hall’s textbook “Representation.” The definitions are direct quotes from and are not my own words or ideas.

I. Representation

What the thing means (signifies) and to whom—what signifier/signified relationship it contains, how and from whom it takes them on, and how and to whom it gives them off.

II. Identity

Who all the agents involved with producing, consuming, and regulating the thing are – be they individuals, groups, and/or non-human entities-and how they got to “be” that way.

III. Regulation

The formal and Informal Rules that affect and are affected by the thing, how they are(n’t) enforced, and the formal and informal authoriies that make and enforce them.

IV. Consumption

Buying the thing, using the thing, becoming part of the thing, and/or making the thing a part of you-and paying for all this.

V. Production

Making the thing-inventing it, fabricating it, reproducing it, distributing it, marketing it—and paying for all this labor/work and the people who do it.


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