EDM Music in My Life

I’d also like to begin by explaining my interest in exploring EDM music through this blog. At the end of the blog, when we explore my proposed circuit of EDM culture, you will see how my personal experience with EDM fits neatly into my model.

Ever since high school, I have been well known among my friends for my eclectic obsession (at least that’s what they called it) with what I collectively call “Swedish Techno.” most of this music isn’t technically techno, but rather various types of electronic music that could all be considered EDM: some of the genres included bubblegum dance, bitpop, eurotrance, house and so on. I even have a high school teacher who still brings it up with me. I once made him a CD for a party full of Swedish Techno music which was a big hit among his guests!

This so-called obsession began Sophomore year when I heard Basshunter’s “DotA” being played at soccer practice during out warm ups. At first, I didn’t even realize the song wasn’t in English; I was interested mainly in the catchy melody and synths. When I went home and found the song, I was introduced to Basshunter and other Swedish music (mostly dance) and from there I began to amass a collection of over 500 Scandinavian songs. Eventually, this stretched beyond just dance music, and I later learned a lot of the music was in Danish.

A large part of my interest in the music was the language. I’m half Norwegian and have an interest in Scandinavian culture in general so I began to scour the internet for deeper cuts. Through Youtube I was able to find a lot of obscure Swedish techno that you probably couldn’t find anywhere else on the web except for the one Youtube video, presumably uploaded by a Swedish teenager who made the track in his or her bedroom using a pirated copy of Fruit Loops Studio (popularized by Basshunter).

DotA was a significant song for me. Not only did it introduce me to this whole world of EDM music (Because of DotA I later got into more mainstream EDM and artists like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren – back in the day – and to Bingo Players and Calvin Harris more recently), but I also began to explore a new style of guitar playing and blend genres.

By senior year of high school, I had been playing guitar for a little over 10 years and had developed a unique acoustic-percussive style. However I was mostly playing original pieces or classical pieces. But after hearing DotA, I arranged my own acoustic percussive instrumental cover which is posted on my youtube account below:

After this cover, I added to the song and had some friends sing the original Swedish vocals for a performance at my senior chapel recital. I than continued to arrange electronic songs in my unique acoustic percussive style.

Learning that Basshunter used Fruit Loops to create DotA, I taught myself how to use the software and began making backing tracks to play guitar over (like a mash-up of Disney songs). However I never got into creating or remixing electronic music.

Today, I mostly listen to EDM music and I have seen a number of live shows like Bingo Players, Calvin Harris and Adventure Club. Most of my music comes from an EDM blog called weoncehadanempire or from Beatport, iTunes dance chart, youtube (remixes and msh-ups mainly) and soundcloud (also remixes and mash-ups).


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